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QUALICHeCK: final synthesis report on the public consultation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is now available

Brussels, 11.1.2016 Along with our best wishes for a peaceful and fruitful 2016, we would like to inform you that the final synthesis report on the public consultation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is now available. It is based on the analysis of inputs from 308 respondents. In case you have already downloaded the report in December or early January, please note that the file was updated a few days ago.

In addition, the following QUALICHeCK webinars are open for registration. Attendance is free of charge. Certificates of attendance are available upon request after the end of each event.

Tuesday 12 January 2016 | Webinar | Building airtightness and initiatives to improve the quality of the works
09:00 – 10:30 London, UK | 10:00 – 11:30 Brussels, BE | 11:00 – 12:30 Athens, GR
Register at here

Building airtightness is a critical factor for Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and represents a key challenge for the building sector. The objective of this webinar is to give background information on selected initiatives to improve the quality of the works with respect to building airtightness. The webinar is organised by the QUALICHeCK consortium (www.qualicheck-platform.eu), in cooperation with TightVent Europe (www.tightvent.eu) and the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (www.aivc.org).

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Wien, 14.12.2015 The following QUALICHeCK events are now open for registration. Attendance is free of charge. Certificates of attendance are available upon request after the end of each event.

17 December 2015 | Webinar | Ventilative cooling potential and compliance in Energy Performance regulations — Status and perspectives in Belgium, Estonia, Greece
More info at http://qualicheck-platform.eu/2015/12/webinar-ventilative-cooling-compliance-belgium-estonia-greece/
Register at https://inive.webex.com/inive/onstage/g.php?MTID=e9da5b4f6c05ce8683f27e48ccacf3cd5

12 January 2016 | Webinar | Building airtightness and initiatives to improve the quality of the works
More info at http://qualicheck-platform.eu/2015/12/webinar-building-airtightness-and-initiatives-to-improve-quality/
Register at https://inive.webex.com/inive/onstage/g.php?MTID=e1b35d75736118531b984ac9a20efab7b

9-10 March 2016 | Athens, Greece | International Workshop on summer comfort technologies in buildings
More info and registration form at http://qualicheck-platform.eu/2015/12/workshop-athens-summer-comfort-technologies/

10-11 May 2016 | Brussels, Belgium | 3rd QUALICHeCK Conference
More info and registration form at http://qualicheck-platform.eu/2015/12/3rd-qualicheck-conference/

We look forward to seeing you again at our events.

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Vienna, Sept. 25th 2013 The assessment system of the ASBC becomes more international. Starting now an Austrian building assessment tool is offered free of charge in English language first time. ASBC offers a comprehensive online assessment tool and certification procedure & scheme which can be adopted easily in different languages. The now offered system works for residential buildings. The ASBC assessment system is offered for professional building assessment, and education an training in sustainable constructions, too.
Here you can test the English version of our assessment system!

A short introduction of the english TQB-Tool you will find here.

More than 75 buildings certified! aspern Seestadt, Eurogate and many more are in development!

Vienna, Sept. 21st 2013 The free of charge offered assessment system of the ASBC becomes more and more important in the Austrian construction sector. Dealing with the strongest performance indicators for the assessment of building's sustainability, the tool is available to all those which think highly of demanding and objective assessment. Already more than 75 projects within Austria were grasped with this system and were valued. The provided quality assurance tool was transferred in a modular form which can be adapted on the basis of the ÖGNB structure arbitrarily to the respective planning question and decisive question. Thus already happen in aspern - Seestadt Vienna where four assessment steps were worked out for competition, submission, assignment and completion with different proof density. The ASBC logic model is suited for the quality assurance in all phases of a structural engineering job.
Beside already assessed 75 projects about 50 other projects are currently in treatment. aspern Seestadt as the biggest town development area and eurogate Vienna as the biggest passive house settlement in Europe belong to it like the just assessed Raiffeisen Climate Tower.

Here you will get an overview about the already assessed buildings!
Here you can see the tailor-made assessment tool of aspern Seestadt Vienna (German language).
Check it out! From architectural competitions about the continuance assessment up to the complete quality assurance of buildings!

Raiffeisen Climate Tower: The FIRST high-rise office block in passive house quality of the world!

Vienna, 20.09.2013 No more quite new, but still well: In July the passive house certificate was lent to the Raiffeisen Climate Tower officially as the first high-rise office block worldwide. So the tower is - regarding to official certification in context - the most energy-efficient high rise of the world. The quality assurance of the project occurred also with the assessment systems of the ASBC and the quality criterions from klima:aktiv. In both systems prominent results could be achieved what underlines the comprehensive high-class claim of the building. The Raiffeisen Climate Tower is a lighthouse for sustainable construction worldwide.

English Version of This Website Goes Online

Vienna, 9th Sept, 2011. The Austrian Sustainable Building Council - ASBC enlarges international activities and publishes a bilingual webservice (EN/GE). This is part of the internationalisation process of ASBC, which is an independent non-for-profit organisation located in Vienna, Austria. ASBC offers a free-of-charge tool for sustainable building assessment and seeks cooperation to facilitate the transition of the building sector.

klima:aktiv and ASBC: Case Study Education Buildings

Vienna, 6th Sept, 2011. ASBC is partner of klima:aktiv, the official Austrian Climate Protection Initiative. The case study for hotel and leisure buildings and the case study for education buildings is a cooperation project of ASBC and klima:aktiv. The core of this cooperation is the development of customized certification schemes for these building types. The new schemes will be available for existing buildings, renovations and new constructions by the end of the year.

SUPERBUILDINGS: Full Report of the EC-Project is available

Vienna, 29th Aug, 2011. ASBC cooperates with the EC-funded project SUPERBUILDINGS. The projects develops assessment methods for buildings on the European level. Currently an important deliverable is available. The 2nd Superbuildings-Newsletter provides a brief overview of a European survey of stakeholders in the field of sustainable construction and a proposal of ​​an "ideal" structure for integrated building rating systems of the future. For more information have a look on the Superbuilding Website.

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