Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen

General procedure of a ASBC assessment using TQB

The general procedure is carried out in five steps:

  1. Building documentation using online declaration tools; carried out by ASBC consultants who are appointed by the Austrian Sustainable Building Council
  2. Handover of submitted project to the Austrian Sustainable Building Council and application for building surveying (draft contract ASBC - proprietor - German language content)
  3. Verification of proof by ASBC auditors, which are listed by the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (draft contract ASBC - third-party auditors - German language content), if necessary revision of proof by ASBC consultants
  4. Approval of assessment results by ASBC after consulting with submitters
  5. Publication of assessment results in ASBC press, above all on ASBC website

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