Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen

Finalizing the documentation: handover to the Austrian Sustainable Building Council

The building documentation is not handed over formally to the ASBC until the company submitting a project or a ASBC consultant has completed their documentation. The next step is to request an assessment of the building.

The TQB assessment tool is programmed in such a way that the system automatically recognizes any missing proof for a building assessment. If this is the case, the building cannot be submitted for evaluation, and the submitting company is notified about the missing verification.

Only after the documentation has been completed and handed over to the Austrian Sustainable Building Council, the nominal charge for the TQB assessment has to be paid.

Next, the Austrian Sustainable Building Council appoints a ASBC Auditor to evaluate the building documentation, and theirin, the different proofs of the declaration.

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