Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen

Cooperations and partnerships with ASBC

In addition to the official membership at the ASBC there are a lot of different possibilities for cooperation and partnerships in the wide field of sustainable construction.

The ASBC is working in the context of an "Open Source Community": We consider that a high quality development of the Austrian (and European) construction industry can be reached only through open collaboration and sharing of knowledge, resources and distribution facilities.

Partnerships with the ASBC are possible in many ways:

  • cooperative organization of events
  • development and implementation of cooperative R&D projects
  • media and communication partnerships
  • experience exchange with the members of ASBC
  • cooperative organisation of competitions, prizes and awards
  • common development of local, regional and / or national quality systems based on the evaluation methodology ASBC
  • And much more

ASBC then goes into partnership, when the contents of cooperation contributes to achieving our objectives in the field of sustainable construction.

ASBC is not interested in greenwashing campaigns - only by doing serious activities it will be possible to establish the construction industry in the medium to long term as a stable factor for sustainable development.

If you are interested in a cooperation and/or partnership with the ASBC, please get in contact with the ASBC branch or one of the board members.

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