Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen

Building evaluation

After submitting the building documentations for assessment and the nominal charge has been received, the Austrian Sustainable Building Council appoints a ASBC auditor who is in charge of the building.

The ASBC auditors are listed by the Austrian Sustainable Building Council. These auditors have to be highly qualified in terms of sustainable building.

Overall the following applies: ASBC consultants who are working on a building declaration must not have any direct business or personal relations with the ASBC auditors, as submitting businesses may see the ASBC as biased. As building assessment is performed by third party auditors, this form of evaluation ensures professional and objective results.

The submitted proof is checked, as part of the building assessment. If data is missing, the building is downgraded in the building documentation stage. The submitting company can clarify any open questions.

Only after all questions have been clarified, the ASBC auditors can complete the building assessment. The results are discussed with the submitting company. During this stage, it is possible to hand in documentation.

Finally, the results are disclosed to the Austrian Sustainable Building Council by the ASBC auditors.
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