Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen


QUALICHeCK - Towards improved compliance and quality of the works for better performing buildings (funded by Intelligent Energy Europe, call for proposals 2013)

This project aims at determining best cases and tackling bottlenecks to increase the reliability of EPC input data, to influence quality of construction and to support compliance with building energy efficiency and renewable energy regulations, as well as to support transition towards nearly zero-energy buildings.

Important topics and topic leaders:
Status on the ground: Tallin University of Technology
Towards reliable and accessible EPC input data: INIVE-CETIAT
Towards improved quality of the works: INIVE-IBP
Towards better compliance and effective penalties: ÖGNB

Project start: 2014-03-01, project duration: 36 months

Management: INIVE-BBRI


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